Temporary Fire Alarm Solution

Fire, evacuation, and medical alert system for a wide range of temporary applications.

WES3 Wireless Evacuation and Emergency System

WES3 is a completely wireless system that has been developed to provide a simple, fast, and secure method of communicating and notifying personnel in the event of a site emergency. Fully wireless and battery operated, WES3 can be rapidly deployed and remotely monitored, without the need for cabling or permanent power.

The WES3 temporary fire alarm system is a versatile solution designed to enhance safety in various scenarios beyond just construction projects. While it is widely recognized for its effectiveness in safeguarding construction sites by providing reliable fire detection and alarm capabilities, the WES3 system also plays a crucial role in fire watch situations and during the failure of existing fire alarm systems.

In fire watch scenarios, where personnel are tasked with maintaining a vigilant watch for fires, the WES3 system offers an additional layer of security. Its wireless technology allows for quick deployment and easy reconfiguration, ensuring comprehensive coverage and rapid alerting in case of fire detection. This significantly enhances the effectiveness of fire watch duties, providing peace of mind and increased safety for occupants and property.

Moreover, the WES3 system is invaluable during the failure or maintenance of existing fire alarm systems. When a permanent system is offline, whether for repairs or upgrades, the WES3 can be rapidly installed to maintain uninterrupted fire protection. Its robust and adaptable design ensures that buildings remain compliant with fire safety regulations, and occupants are continually protected even during periods when traditional systems are not operational.

Overall, the WES3 temporary fire alarm system is an essential tool for maintaining fire safety across a variety of challenging situations, offering flexibility, reliability, and enhanced protection when it is needed most.


Fire Extinguisher

Dedicated to Fire Extinguisher installations, inspections, and maintenance in strict accordance with NFPA 10 guidelines, we provide clients with peace of mind knowing their extinguishing equipment is expertly managed and prepared to combat potential fire hazards effectively.

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Optimum Fire and Security specializes in Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of fire protections per NFPA standards to ensure compliance with rigorous safety regulations, mitigate potential risks, and uphold the highest standards of fire prevention and protection for their clients.

Fire Protection

Optimum Fire and Security focuses on Fire Protection installations, inspections, and maintenance according to NFPA standards, ensuring meticulous adherence and superior safety measures to safeguard clients’ assets and properties from potential fire risks.

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