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Is Your Business Prepared for a Fire Emergency?

Optimum Fire & Security excels in its ability to conduct routine examinations, adhering meticulously to NFPA regulations. With an unwavering commitment to safety and adherence to standards, the company ensures that every inspection is thorough and comprehensive. By diligently following NFPA guidelines, Optimum Fire & Security not only mitigates potential risks but also safeguards lives and property. Through their diligent inspections, they identify and address potential fire hazards and security vulnerabilities, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of emergencies and enhancing overall safety. With a sharp focus on prevention, Optimum Fire & Security plays a crucial role in preserving lives and protecting property, embodying a dedication to excellence in fire and security services.

Optimum Fire & Security provides nationally accredited and trained technicians to perform the following inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems:

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Pumps

Backflow Prevention Apparatuses

Fire Extinguisher

Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Systems or ERCES

Emergency Lighting

Fire Extinguisher

Dedicated to Fire Extinguisher installations, inspections, and maintenance in strict accordance with NFPA 10 guidelines, we provide clients with peace of mind knowing their extinguishing equipment is expertly managed and prepared to combat potential fire hazards effectively.

Fire Alarm

Optimum Fire and Security focuses on Fire Alarm installations, inspections, and maintenance in strict adherence to NFPA regulations, delivering meticulous attention to detail and proactive measures to ensure clients’ fire alarm systems function optimally and provide reliable protection at all times.

Fire Protection

Optimum Fire and Security focuses on Fire Protection installations, inspections, and maintenance according to NFPA standards, ensuring meticulous adherence and superior safety measures to safeguard clients’ assets and properties from potential fire risks.

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North Carolina
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Fire Alarm: SP.FA/LV.31173

South Carolina
Burglar Alarm: BAC13717
Fire Alarm: FAC.13717

Fire Alarm: LVV406920
Low Voltage: LVU406920

Electrical Contractors License: EF20001760

Fire Alarm: 0002704

Fire Alarm: 2360

FAS: 2705182198