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Optimum Fire & Security is dedicated to providing commercial security clients with a safe and convenient environment for employees, visitors and external staff.

We design commercial security systems that efficiently use the typical movements of people as they move about areas in your facility such as: lobbies or reception areas, production zones, parking lots, individual offices, floors, or buildings. This detailed analysis provides maximize security in an unobtrusive way.

With decades of commercial security installation experience, experts from Optimum take special pride in implementing systems that are an optimal fit for that specific organization. For theft control, one of our preferred networks is the SALTO platform (SVN + Wireless + mobile). SALTO solutions are found in commercial businesses around the world, and extend security and audit trail information to access points throughout your facility: from office doors to data cabinets to parking gates, including remote sites.

The SALTO platform also provides efficient handling of high traffic shift changes with reliable RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.  This translates into credentials that are read quickly and seamlessly so entry and exit bottlenecks are avoided.

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Access Control

Optimum’s Access Control allows you to monitor your business’s day to day from the touch screen of your own phone.


Thanks to Honeywell’s VISTA security system, you can make sure that the most reliable technology is protecting your facility.


When it comes to protecting what you value most look to a Honeywell security system from Optimum Fire & Security for peace of mind.

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