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A proper, up-to-date fire alarm installation is critical to protecting workers in any commercial or industrial workspace. That’s why the experts from Optimum Fire and Security are continually updating their certifications in fire safety protection. As a veteran-owned company, Optimum cultivates an employee culture of duty, service, and effectiveness. Whether it be inspections, testing or maintenance, fire extinguishers, fire alarm installation, or a complex BDA system installation, clients can be assured that our dedication to deliver the highest level of products and service is our primary mission.


Turn-key Fire
Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Installation by Optimum Fire and Safety

At Optimum Fire & Security, we provide high quality fire alarm installation and systems maintenance. Considering human lives and property are at stake, we take a comprehensive approach to fit our individual clients’ needs, from initial design all the way through to the final certification. Optimum capitalizes on our expertise within the fire protection field to only deliver the best to our customers while satisfying all local jurisdiction code requirements and specifications.

We are a proud Autocall authorized distributor - one of the strongest and most trusted technologies in the fire alarm industry.
Other fire alarm installation systems available from Optimum include FireLite, Silent Knight, Siemens and Honeywell.

Fire Alarm Installation by Optimum Fire and Safety
Fire Alarm Installation by Optimum Fire and Safety

Optimum Fire & Security is a UL Certified Installer

Optimum Fire & Security has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories since 2016. The UL certificate is the alarm company’s declaration that an alarm system is installed, serviced, maintained and monitored in compliance with applicable codes and standards. UL Certification of your fire alarm installation delivers the highest level of confidence available in today’s market.  Watch UL’s video to learn more about their Fire Alarm Certification Program.

Optimum Fire and Security is a UL listed runner service for fire alarm services.
UL #535999

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